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Mai 23

My sister bought me Logitech head phones a couple of years ago so that I could chat online ! I tried several times to do that and I was unable to do so, my computer would not let me ! Now I want to use the same headphones to record my own voice ! My computer won’t let me do that either !

It did give me an error message but I cannot remember what it was as I saw it a long time ago ! Could it be that my Dell Laptop’s hard drive doesn’t have enough RAM and or memory ? If you need any technical information, please let me know !

i’m guessing that the audio driver has it’s own display panel to control the audio mixes and that should be on the task bar, only i don’t know sol republic headphones what your desktop looks like.

if the is on the task bar double click on it and select options>properties. select ‘recording’ radio button and check the boxes in the ’show volume controls’ that you want to see. microphone should be listed. once you okay that you should see a selection of volume sliders for each device. check the device you want to use and test.

if that icon isn’t there turn it on by checking the ’show volume on task bar’ in the ‘audio sol republic tracks hd multimedia’ icon in the control panel.

Q1: okay then at least there are no devices that are configured incorrect or have missing drivers.

Q2: well either. when the headset is plugged in that will be an extra option “USB head set” or something similar. when they are not plugged in it should be the audio chip/device that is on the motherboard. unless you have other devices installed, like another sound card, but that isn’t common.

EDIT: the inline control could be muted. plugging it out should reset it to on, otherwise when doing a test record try pressing it once half ways through. if there is a light on it this should flash when recording is taking place.

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